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Phone Addiction

It’s real. So real. 

My husband has been working and is away for the night. The baby is asleep! This was my opportunity for a bubble bath, a good book, meditation. Hell, a shower even. What is it that I chose to do? Sit on my bed and flick between Instagram, Facebook, email, WhatsApp and googling “who is Lionel Richie married to?” And other such vital enquiries. As a new Mum, and particularly in lockdown - the social connection has been vital. But do I need to be on my phone during a night feed at 3am? That isn’t going to help the precious little sleep I do get with a baby. 

I was given a phone aged 14 in 2000, it was a Nokia 3210 and it opened up a whole new world. I get a rush even thinking about it now; sitting at the back of the maths classroom texting a boy from the school up the road. It was unbelievably exciting. The phone bill that incurred was not as exciting, it was downright absurd and my dad (quite rightly) has never let me live it down. I had even been know to steal his wor…

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