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Friday, 30 May 2014

Miss Honey Says Relax Kids II

The wedding of the year has been and gone and it was probably one of the best weekends of ALL TIME. Watching two people you love dearly share their promise to love one another, surrounded by nearest and dearests, was a real honour. The bride looked absolutely stunning. I found myself staring at my oldest friend, finding it hard to believe we weren't playing make believe - thinking I have never seen her look happier. Rachel's dreams came true that day and I hope it stays that way for her and her lovely husband. Of course, this has nothing to do with my blog, but it was so joyful that I had to write about it. In other news, Irish people are awesome.

On Monday when we all arrived home after too much food and not enough sleep - it was a shocker coming back to earth, but knowing I am venturing out on my own makes it all ok again. As I said last week I've recently completed my Relax Kids training. It took place in Ilfracombe, Devon. As I headed away from London and drove over the brow of a hill to be greeted with the ocean on the other side, surrounded by trees, cows and flowers, I knew it was going to be a goodun'. Over 3 days I was introduced to some already practising Relax Kids teachers, three ladies about to take the training like myself, the owner of the company Marneta, and her dog called RONNIE BARKER. I think that says it all really... 

What really surprised me was that there were coaches who had travelled from Holland, Germany, Canada and the United States to further their training and become trainees for their region. This speaks volumes to me about how much of an impact this is having, not just in the UK but internationally. These ladies who had been training for a while had only good things to say about the positive impact that the Relax Kids work they had been doing. These ladies aren't exactly your average Joe's either. They are teachers, counsellors, psychologists, successful business owners... and all raving about how positive Relax Kids is.

There's a lot to Relax Kids and I suggest you go to the website to have a look to find out more, but as a coach, I can now work with children in a vast number of ways. I have been approached by several schools to do class sessions, 1:1 sessions, Mum's who would like me to work with their children in the holidays, Staff sessions, ... The possibilities are endless and it is SO exciting to have the chance to spread the joy in a different way. 

In a typical class, the idea is that we work with the children through a 7 step programme, working from a high energy to low energy state. This way the kids get to work through their energy systems and basically chill out. This is the way they explain it on the website;

• Dynamic warm-ups and exercises 
• Exciting games
• Relaxing stretches
• Calming breathing exercises
• Soothing peer massage
• Positive affirmations
• Creative visualisations, mindfulness and meditations

It sounds a bit hippy dippy doesn't it.. but it is MARVELLOUS. As an adult engaging in an example class I had the most joyous of times and felt SO relaxed at the end of it all. It's wonderful to know I can go and do something I believe in, that includes magic and make believe but is so good for the children. 

I now have a lot of work to do to get certified so I can ready to rumble... Eek! Wish me luck. 

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